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Billboard “The Dress” Premiere

American Songwriter Q&A

Bluegrass Situation "Westward Bound" Premiere

Wide Open Country “Traveling Mercies” Premiere

“Emily Scott Robinson’s Traveling Mercies defines the notion of a pure folk album, as she conveys the simple beauty of life across 12 reflective songs.” - No Depression

“...’The Dress’...powerful, impactful song...” - Billboard

“The Dress” is a delicate ballad that belies its intense subject matter, delivered by Robinson in a voice that is both trembling and defiant. J.F…Country-folk songs about America in all its pain and glory with the literate, Southern gothic sensibility of Flannery O’Connor.” - Rolling Stone - Artists You Need To Know

“The vocals, however, are lovely, shot through with a light tremble that sounds like vibrato one minute and a stifled cry the next.” - Rolling Stone Country

“…honest, humble folk music, honoring the purity that makes the genre so distinct…” - No Depression

"The stunning title track… sends a tender message to the wanderers of the world and those in search of home." - Wide Open Country

“Her music is a cathartic outlet for listeners as she sings about everything from true love to the loss of innocence. Robinson digs deep into her past experiences to create music that is altogether melancholic, comforting, and sweet.” - American Songwriter 

“…Emily Scott Robinson has released a remarkable work of cutting autobiographical stories mixed with brilliant works of fiction that even from this early perspective in the calendar year can confidently be presented as one that will challenge for one of the best collections of songs released in all of 2019. With stunning insight, masterful use of character and setting, and tastefully sparse but complete and fulfilling arrangements, a journey through Traveling Mercies makes you a changed human with lessons learned, perspectives expanded, and moments cherished…Because in an era full of noise and ever-present distraction and priority, this is an album worth slowing down for, reflecting upon, and cherishing fondly.”

- Saving Country Music

"Press releases tout “breakthrough albums” almost as often as CNN proclaims “breaking news,” but for once, the phrase isn’t hype: North Carolina–based folk singer/songwriter Emily Scott Robinson really does deserve to reach a wide audience with this CD. Her songs are well crafted, with strong melodies…" No Depression

"With her new album, Traveling Mercies, singer-songwriter Emily Scott Robinson offers a complex, thoughtful portrait of a true itinerant artist, one who carries the lessons of her past while searching for a hopeful future…Her perspective feels worn from a lifetime of experience she seems to possess, and she channels it to tell a story that feels like an old country tune. While it might be easy to picture Robinson backed by a lonesome and twangy pedal steel on a tune like this, her minimal acoustic treatment serves the song well and adds a sense of intimacy" - Glide Magazine 

"Traveling Mercies is nearly perfect in its length, scope, and arrangements, announcing Emily Scott Robinson as an important songwriter of our time, and one where the attention of the country and roots music community should be focused, and dwell." - Saving Country Music

"…Americana-influenced melody and bright vocals… - The Boot


Emily Scott Robinson has traveled a quarter million miles and counting, paying her dues along the dusty highways of America’s wild country in the RV she calls home. With her husband riding shotgun, Robinson is chasing a dream. Along the way, she’s captured the stories of the people she met and expertly crafted them into the songs featured on her gorgeous debut studio release, Traveling Mercies. The diner where the waitress knows everyone by name. The windswept trailer park where people prefer to keep their curtains closed. The UFO museum in the middle of nowhere and a love as sweet as California wine. A meditation on human frailty and the power of resiliency, Robinson is at times vulnerable, at others, defiant and absolutely free. Her snapshots portray real people who live and love and struggle to keep their balance atop a world that spins endlessly beneath their feet. Traveling Mercies is a tour de force from a traveler, a survivor, an elegant chronicler of her own existence and those of her fellow wanderers.