We are starting 2017 off with a bang. Instead of boring you with paragraphs of what we’re working on in the office, here are a few quick announcements.

  1. Ron finished recording his album at the end of December and will be releasing his first single in February. We can’t wait for you all to hear the new music. It’s amazing (and we aren't just saying that because we’re his label. Seriously.)

  2. Truett is playing a show in Atlanta on Jan 13th and has some exciting news that we can’t quite announce yet, but will make lots of people across the country happy.
  3. Tim Olstad is writing and working out in LA with new things coming soon!
  4. Have you checked out Ron and Blair’s weekly advice blog, #AdviceByTheSlice yet? If you haven’t you should probably stop everything you’re doing right now and go read it here. Especially if you’re an independent musician trying to break into the industry.