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Updated: March 2018
296 million streams on Spotify (1.7 Million unique monthly listeners)
700 million spins on Pandora

2 million singles sold to date
150 million youtube views (between UGC and Ron's channel)
16 million plays on Soundcloud
157K Facebook Fans
45K Twitter Followers
22.3K Instagram followers

97K Youtube Subs

Performances and Interviews

Press Clippings and Quotes

Billboard Op-Ed: "How I Made $250K From Streaming

Huffington Post Op-Ed: "An Independent Artist's Take On Spotify

Rolling Stone: "The Last" Music Video

"It's a stew of musical ideas and stories sourced from many different points in time, but firmly held together by Pope's consistent songwriting voice. From the tale of survival in "Work" to gracing international stages, he's done a thorough job of smashing through obstacles and proving his doubters wrong." - Rolling Stone Country feature + interview

"...fiercely independent singer-songwriter Ron Pope returns with the emotionally shattering acoustic ballad, "The Weather."...While "The Weather" may not be the traditional bouncy song of the summer people tend to think of, it's an undeniable contender for song of the year." - The Daily Country "The Weather (acoustic)" Premiere

"The quieter songs also dovetailed with Pope's lyrical approach on Worktapes..."Twin Falls Idaho," which opens the seven-track EP, is a case in point for Pope. It's one of the most austere songs on the project, featuring piano and a bit of accordion." - Billboard "Twin Falls Idaho" Premiere 

"Nashville-based singer-songwriter and rocker Ron Pope has made his name slinging tunes as a sort of rock and roll everyman, delivering track after track grounded in earnest experience and emotional relatability. In an era that capitalizes on faux, "Joe the Plumber" types for a cheap buck, Pop stands apart as an honest-to-goodness blue-collar, Americana hero." - Baeble Music "Figure It Out" Premiere 

"Earnest, melodic story songs written and sung by a guy who knows his way around an electric guitar; Tom Petty's hooks, Little Feat's grooves, the rock and soul wing of Americana."  - Rolling Stone's 10 Country Artists You Need To Know + "Can't Stay Here" Music Video Premiere 

"Upbeat, gritty rocking...Though best known for quieter fare such as "A Drop In The Ocean" and "I Believe," Pope actually has more of a background as a rocker, a Bruce Springsteen devotee..."  - Billboard Magazine - "Bad For Your Heath" Music Video Premiere + Interview 

"Ron Pope's newest album is a rollicking wave of ramshackle country, folk, rock and roll, and soul. It's the kind of album that might have you reaching for another shot of bourbon or pushing the speedometer just a little further than you should or have you hooting and hollering (can one hoot and not holler? Are these two different things? We're not sure...) to its classic Americana hooks. The Georgia born, NYC bred artist had a whole vision when he went to record it" - Baeble Music - SXSW Session

“Nashville-based Ron Pope played an incendiary rendition of “Moonage Daydream,” giving the piece a raucous bluegrass energy. He ripped through guitar solos, writhing as the tremolos shook through the air.” - Nerdist (David Bowie Tribute show at Radio City Music Hall)

"Vast, Varied, and a big-ass singalong... With the band huddled close, singing pristine harmonies, Pope's cover of Ooh La La could moisten a statue's eye" - The Guardian live review

"Ron Pope came into the music industry at a time when the death bells were tolling. The odds were already stacked against the Georgia native with streaming steamrolling over typical consumption sources and record companies battling each other for slices of an ever-shrinking pie. Yet Pope remained fiercely independent, refusing to make himself beholden to a label or even a manager. Despite being told again and again that he would never get far, Pope’s Americana blend of country rock, folk, and more than a healthy ragtime swing connected with audiences across the world through four solo albums." - Consequence of Sound, album premiere

"A timeless record - it was recorded on analogue equipment, it is one of the most varied singer-songwriter albums this year." - Maximum Volume, album review

"Pope has released 10 albums as a solo artist, but this marks a brand new sound. Heavier, deeper, bigger, louder. The warm glow of the West, and a heavy meditation on classic sounds of the South seeps out. ... EW is thrilled to premiere one of the collection’s tracks, “Hotel Room,” below. It’s a sparse, straightforward guitar track, and as a nod toward his country influences, a story as vivid as anything out of Johnny Cash’s playbook" - Hotel Room premiere on Entertainment Weekly

"Wielding blended vocals and a barrage of brass instruments, the band started with the lively “Hell Or High Water.” The crowd responded accordingly, uniting with the band for the “heys!” Alternating between new songs and older jams, Pope and company piloted a nearly two-hour set cohesively and without folly. Each of the members of the Nighthawks seemed built to play with the others while they shared a stage. Feeding off each other’s energy until the band was in a collectively feverish frenzy, the group whirled around the stage in unexpected unison of pandemonium and articulated commotion." - Mother Church Pew, live review

“If gorgeous narrative-driven folk is in your wheelhouse, we're hard pressed to name a song better suited to get that job done than "Hotel Room" ... the track itself is a slow-burning folk stunner with shades of Dan Fogelberg and Jim Croce. If you love folk storytellers as much as we do, you can't miss this.”  - Hotel Room premiere on Baeble Music

"Ron’s a songwriting success story built on the internet from his early days promoting his solo songs on MySpace, and it can teach other independent artists a great deal. And as we delve into his experiences, strategy and work ethic to find out what we can learn, it’s clear that it takes a lot more than just raw talent to make a living as a songwriting performer." Total Guitar Magazine: "How to Succeed"

"Pope's upcoming album, Calling Off The Dogs, not only showcases his singing talent, but also highlights his capability as a writer, composer, and music producer. In Calling Off The Dogs, Pope pushes past his comfort zone of dominating vocals to create a unique sound that new and loyal fans will appreciate" - SXSW Artist Spotlight

"Ron Pope's ninth studio album, 2014's Calling Off the Dogs, finds the passionate singer/songwriter expanding upon his rootsy sound with a set of atmospheric, moody songs. The album follows up Pope's last two albums, 2012's Atlanta and Monster. Ostensibly a concept album, Calling Off the Dogs finds Pope investigating the twists and turns of one couple's relationship, from when they first meet and fall in love to when they finally say goodbye. Best known for the single "Drop in the Ocean," Pope is a journeyman artist with a handful of independent releases under his belt and no signs of slowing down. Recorded with a broad sonic palette that features layered, evocative guitar, delicate piano, electronic beats, and, as always, Pope's yearning vocals, Calling Off the Dogs is one of his most mature albums to date." - Official iTunes Review

"Brooklyn singer Ron Pope has been churning out solid, self-penned rock records for close to a decade now (if you’ve got every episode of “TRL” memorized, then you may recall he performed on the show back in 2008), and he’s reeled in enough devotees to sell out major arenas in Europe and Australia and attract famous fans like Jillian Rose Reed, also known as Tamara from “Awkward.” "- MTV Buzzworthy

"The success of internet sensation Ron Pope makes it clear that it's time to stop mourning the death of the music industry and celebrate instead the arrival of a new generation of self-empowered musicians.” - The Daily Mirror
Just why the major label that signed him and then lost him so quickly didn’t know what to with this remarkably talented and obviously prolific songwriter must remain one of those American music industry mysteries some ambitious new-media PhD student is bound to turn into a hefty (online) thesis in years to come. The bonus for us is that his talent remains unchecked by market forces, and his obvious good sense means that, as prolific as he is, the result is always never less than quality work that is, at best, inspired.” – The Music

“[The Vampire Diaries] hit it out of the park with a heart-in-throat montage to Ron Pope’s “A Drop in the Ocean” during its third season premiere” – Entertainment Weekly

"Pope's performance was simple, raw and reflective of his immense talent and emotion...His performance was powerful and beautiful, and the audience response was a testament to Pope's tremendous musical skill and to the loyalty of his fan base. His talent must be seen, and heard, to be believed." - The Hoya Live Concert Review