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Nashville-based singer-songwriter, Ron Pope, has been navigating a sea change as of late. In the immediate aftermath of the birth of his first child, before he’d found his footing in this extraordinary new reality, a jarring incident left him contemplating his own mortality. After completely scrapping early recording sessions for the upcoming album Bone Structure (TBA, 2020), Pope set out on a new path, crafting incredibly candid songs directed squarely at his newborn daughter. Some songs speak to her directly and muse on the experience of fatherhood, while others reflect on a personal experience that has a lesson or a moral. Pope's 2017 release, the critically-claimed "Work" drew comparisons to Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen, while also refusing to put him squarely into one category. Uncompromising and relentless, Pope has evolved into one of the top grossing independent acts in the business while garnering a legion of devoted fans the world over. Taking the industry-road-less-traveled and holding fiercely to his independence has proven fruitful for Pope; to date, he has sold out shows on three continents and in more than 20 countries, sold over 2 million digital tracks, had over 350 million streams on Spotify, 825 million plays on Pandora, 150 million views on Youtube, and has more generally crushed every metric used to measure what is possible for independent artists.



Label: Brooklyn Basement Records
Press: Liz Mayo
Booking: APA & Free Trade
Publishing: Brooklyn Basement Publishing
Publishing Admin: Blue Water




  1. Take The Edge Off (Feat. Emily Scott Robinson)

  2. Practice What I Preach


Booking Agent: Seth Rappaport / APA (N. America); Paul Boswell / Free Trade Agency (UK/EU)

Nicole Mago

Nicole Mago

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“I will do my best to practice what I preach, so you don’t have to learn things on the street like I did when I was half my age,” he sings. That message certainly packs a punch, but it’s the song’s Motown-worthy horn arrangement that delivers the knockout blow. - Rolling Stone

“Take The Edge Off” & “Practice What I Preach” The Boot premiere

"It's a stew of musical ideas and stories sourced from many different points in time, but firmly held together by Pope's consistent songwriting voice. From the tale of survival in "Work" to gracing international stages, he's done a thorough job of smashing through obstacles and proving his doubters wrong." - Rolling Stone Country feature + interview

"Pope has maintained a fierce independence, so if not a household name, the reward of his effort is that he doesn't have to care what other people think or how his music is classified. Ron Pope’s music is honest, it comes from the heart, and defies any glib categorisation. Work embodies that integrity with a collection of songs based on his own experiences involving people who have featured in his life and is perfectly recorded in a few takes to tape."
- No Depression “Work” album review

"The quieter songs also dovetailed with Pope's lyrical approach on Worktapes..."Twin Falls Idaho," which opens the seven-track EP, is a case in point for Pope. It's one of the most austere songs on the project, featuring piano and a bit of accordion." - Billboard "Twin Falls Idaho" Premiere 




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