"...building a brand new empire..."

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"The Heart Of certainly does the song justice, and IMHO, improves upon it. The subtle changes in instrumentation, the addition of banjo as a featured instrument, as well as further developing the percussive possibilities of the song wonderfully fleshes out what is a generally sparse, piano-centric original. These choices highlight the excellent taste level of The Heart Of, and their ability to create a modern, interesting approach to a burgeoning classic bodes well for spring 2018, when we’ll get to check out their debut EP."  - Christmas Underground "Winter Song" Premiere

"Bottom Line: The Heart Of finds a subtle, new approach that breathes new possibilities into an increasingly high-profile modern classic." - Christmas Underground "Winter Song" Premiere

Live In Limbo "Empire" Premiere

"Whispery, sensitive vocals...The way the acoustic guitar works with the soft piano makes for a far more dynamic experience..." Ear To The Ground Music

""Empire" is a gorgeous track laden with blissful guitars and poignant vocals." - Santa Rosa Records 


Rooted in vocal harmonies and acoustic melodies, The Heart Of captures the emotion and imagination of listeners through eccentric story-telling and cinematic songs. With a notebook bursting at the seams with songs, The Heart Of was brought to life in a farmhouse in Bronson, Michigan, where their debut EP was recorded. The Heart Of will release "Empire," a first taste of the project, this fall while supporting artist Ron Pope on tour in cities all across the world.