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Live In Limbo "Empire" Premiere

“First this dreamy piano and then the incredibly gentle voice of The Heart Of. Immediately we close our eyes and listen intently to his story. The violins begin and suddenly the song is a small but fine masterpiece.” - We Love That Sound 

"Whispery, sensitive vocals...The way the acoustic guitar works with the soft piano makes for a far more dynamic experience..." Ear To The Ground Music

""Empire" is a gorgeous track laden with blissful guitars and poignant vocals." - Santa Rosa Records 

"The Heart Of certainly does the song justice, and IMHO, improves upon it. The subtle changes in instrumentation, the addition of banjo as a featured instrument, as well as further developing the percussive possibilities of the song wonderfully fleshes out what is a generally sparse, piano-centric original. These choices highlight the excellent taste level of The Heart Of, and their ability to create a modern, interesting approach to a burgeoning classic bodes well for spring 2018, when we’ll get to check out their debut EP."  - Christmas Underground "Winter Song" Premiere

"Bottom Line: The Heart Of finds a subtle, new approach that breathes new possibilities into an increasingly high-profile modern classic." - Christmas Underground "Winter Song" Premiere


Rooted in vocal harmonies and acoustic melodies, The Heart Of captures the emotion and imagination of listeners through eccentric story-telling and cinematic songs. With a notebook bursting at the seams with songs, The Heart Of was brought to life in a farmhouse in Bronson, Michigan, where their debut EP was recorded. The Heart Of's five-song EP was released into the world on August 24, 2018 on his home of Brooklyn Basement Records.