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"Originally an acoustic, piano-accompanied ballad, LA vocalist and instrumentalist Tim Olstad has teamed up with emerging Australian production duo MOZA for a revisit of his single Piece Of You, which sees the track suddenly pack a serious punch with the addition of an electrifying beat. With it's soaring, synth-dominated new accompaniment, Olstad's vocals are suddenly invigorating and full of flavour, with MOZA's production injecting a newfound life into the single" - Pilerats

Collaborating with the talented electronic artist, MOZA, the two flipped the pop ballad into an electrifying anthem. Tim’s wonderful vocal presence guides the track as MOZA provides a perfect ambiance of synths and drums swells that fuel the fire and anticipation. You’ll find this song sticks with you, and is a great selection to kick off your weekend! “Piece Of You” is an impressive debut from Tim Olstad and we’re excited to hear more of what he has in store. - YourEDM

LA based Tim Olstad is creating a buzz with his latest track Piece of You which premiered on yourYourEDM.  The powerhouse vocal is Olstad’s strength, which in fact he can make any song sound good. - Kings of A&R, EP premiere

"The first thing that struck me about the guy was his voice. Singer/Songwriter and label boss Ron Pope said “The first time I heard Tim’s voice, I was floored. As soon as it hits you, it’s immediate and undeniable”. I couldn’t have put it better myself! His voice has tones that few male vocals can achieve. This, matched with the melody and lyrics of this first single, make it a perfect starting point to build his fan base and reach new audiences." - The Album Ear

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